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Marios is a Senior Research Scientist at Nokia Bell Labs (GB/Cambridge), and member of the Social Dynamics Team led by Dr. Daniele Quercia. He is also a visiting fellow at the Department of Computer Science and Technology, University of Cambridge. His research interests revolve around the areas of user modeling, personalization, and mobile- and wearable-sensing with the aim of building technologies that augment the ways people interact and communicate.

He completed his PhD at University College London (UCL), UK in the intersection of HCI and ML, supervised by Dr. John Dowell. He also holds an MSc in Software Systems Engineering from the same University. In his PhD research, he was interested in understanding users’ interaction behaviour with mobile apps to build personalized interfaces by analyzing mobile sensing data using machine-learning algorithms. Taking the news as a rich application domain, he developed Habito News, which is an adaptive news app that automatically adjusts its interface in response to user’s news reading behaviour. During his PhD, he completed a Research Internship at Telefonica Alpha in Barcelona, Spain where he worked with mobile-sensing and network data to build mood prediction models for bipolar disorder. He draws on interdisciplinary skills including human-computer interaction, data science and software engineering.